Cooling system improvements

Does your bike run hot?

People usually ride for years with a radiator that collects mud, stones and grit from the front wheel.

This can block up to 40% of the fins and severely reduce cooling.

If you don't cool it properly, you risk damaging or breaking the engine and it's a dead loss.

Beware of cheap radiators from China, we have tried them...

  1. They don’t fit the hanger mounts as they are too thick and foul the heat shield and other parts.
  2. They foul the fairing as they are wider than OEM.
  3. The fan mounting feet are always out of position and you have to bend the fan casing to get the feet to fit to the rad, and that can cause the blades to rub.


Our OEM offering :
We offer OEM radiator (made by TOYO RADIATOR JAPAN ) recon and exchange service.

Included :

Ultrasound cleaning of the radiator core, you will be amazed at the quantity of filth that comes out ...

Removing loose paint and getting the end caps to bare metal as they too rot out badly.

Straightening the core if its slightly mis aligned (max 5 mm).

Straightening the fins if a small part of them are bent and blocking the air flow.

Internal inspection of the end caps to check for corrosion using an endoscope.

Repainting the radiator with thin heat conducting black paint.

The recon radiator will then offer 90% of the as new cooling performance.



PRICES : Choose an option

  1. Basic recon :  Price: €140,-
  2. OEM radiator : Price: €249,-

Note: some radiators are too far gone to be reconditioned, in this case we offer an exchange service. Depending on the condition please send request.



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