Exhaust System Reconditioning
The BB has a mild steel exhaust collector system fitted on carb bikes

Over the years it rots out especially near the collector box.

You will get multiple pin holes and fail the yearly safety inspection.


Solutions :

You can buy an aftermarket collector system but mostly they don’t fit properly as they were hand made without OEM jigs and tooling and you will be hammering and cursing to fit it in.


You recon your existing manifold.

You get a perfect fit-;  you are legal as its an original part-you are sure it will last and function correctly what we offer the OEM solution ...

We recondition the old manifold.

Sand blasted chemically stripped  ;pinholes and cracks welded up ;zinc metal sprayed; it will never rust again during his lifetime.

Below is a picture of a 23 year old, heavily rusted and pinholed manifold but completely reconditioned and now run on the bike for 2 more years in all weathers.

Just look at it, not a gram of rust; the zinc holds on perfectly and is inalterable

a perfect long term solution.


  1. Regular Reconditioning (depending on condition):  Price: €149,-

Exchange system available (price depending on the state of the incoming part)

Note if the part is too far gone we can sell an entire recon unit on a 1 way basis, Please ask




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