At 20+ years old the fairings are usually showing signs of age and cracking/ scratched / crazed.

The OEM fairings were made of abs and this hardens and gets brittle with age so they fail even when not dropped.

The solution :

We offer a complete 1 for 1 fairing set with a very close OEM paint match for the following Honda original colours.

Colour match spot on.

Unlike the china advertisements with fuzzy pictures.

On our fairings you will see a picture of the actual item mounted on our bike with the OEM tank on so you can see how close the colour match is to OEM,and how good the paint finish and fit is.

The material is coming from Nokian Finland and is very tough and it about 50 % thicker than the OEM fragile abs one.

Set includes :

  • Upper cowl with hangers for ram air conduits
    (hangers for air MK1 air deflector not present but you can silicone it in place).
  • Left and Right lower cowls with rear infill covers
  • Upper and lower infill panels
  • V piece (middle under radiator)
  • Rear cowl

Note: Cowls are shipped painted with logos (no "honda" trade name sticker fitted)


Available colours and price for set :

  1. Titanium gray metallic  Price: €449,-
  2. Mute black  Price: €449,-
  3. Tahitian blue metallic  Price: €449,-
  4. Candy glory red metallic  Price: €449,-
  5. Accurate silver metallic  Price: €449,-
  6. Phoenix blue metallic  Price: €449,-

Inbound shipping charge on all kits Price: €140,-


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