Bike hard to start an idles like c--p ?
Doesn't pull ?
Uses too much fuel ?
No top end ?

Frustrated ?


The solution :

To as new spec with full strip-down, ultrasound cleaning, and as needed :
New float seals,  jet needle re-setting, cleaned and cleared  jets emulsion tubes,  pilot  screws, butterfly opening balanced, rubber softener applied to all hoses to make then flex like new, they won't crack.

Uniquely :

All the carburettors are road tested on our  demo bike for 40 km so they are bedded in and run right from the word go, no one else will do a road test with your carb after a rebuild as it takes too much time to do, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say

PRICES : Choose an option

  1. CARBURETTOR rebuild basic :  240
  2. CARBURETTOR rebuild with needle raise for more mid range power : 300

Exchange service  available dependent on the condition of the incoming part.


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