RR - REGULATOR RECTIFIER - Upgrade service


  1. MK1 upgrade kit (price subject to the condition of the returned RR) consists of working Shindengen regulator with large heatsink fitted this will reduce the regulator temp from 70°C to about 40°C :  199
  2. Regulator sub-harness this is a replacement connector block and wiring to fit into the regulator socket. 20
  3. Mk 2 models 1999 to 2007

Charging System
Burning out batteries, burning smell from the front left of the rear cowl?

Erratic running of EFI models ?

Your charging system is shot :

The Blackbird had a weak point in its electrical system, the charging system would fail.

There are lots of fairy stories about why it fails and what you need to do, usually involving lots of work and high cost.

The truth is about to follow:

MK1 96-98 carbs

The RR is Shindengen Japan SH638-12 as stamped on the part all the other parts are  rubbish Chinese fakes and will fail, we know as we have tested most of them, some lasted only 90 seconds !

This part converts 3 phase 35V rms  AC current from the alternator into 13.5V/DC current for the battery and electrical system.

The typical generator output is 350W which is all dissipated as heat... via the RR body so it gets bloody hot.

This part is held to the left side rear frame plate by 2 pcs 6mm screws.

There is no heat sink or ventilation and so the part gets very hot up to 70°C.

Electrical parts do not like lots of heat and degrade and eventually fail.

Connectors do not like heat either and will soften and loose grip and oxidize and loose connectivity, which also produces heat, pitting, arcing and burning and frying of the wires;  this is why your connector block may look fried.


The main problem is one of ventilation and getting rid of waste heat.

If that is done then the RR will run cooler and not fail as it would usually do.


Our service offers :

  • A reconditioned and run tested  OEM Shindengen RR  SH 638-12
  • A heat sink with heat transfer paste to dissipate the RR heat to the heat sink , using this part the RR temp will not exceed 55°C at a standstill and 50°C when moving.
  • A fixing bracket to hold it to the frame.
  • A new connector block from the harness to the RR  so you get the right connection with no resistance, arcing or pitting.
  • A full set of instructions on testing your harness for connectivity and good health.


An alternate sub harness for the connection from the stator to the RR  if that was toasted.



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