Suspension hard and harsh, seals leaking, handling like c--p ?

The solution :

To as - new spec including, industrial quality stanchion re-chroming made in the UK, and machine polishing of sliders as required.

Optionally we can fit upgraded damping cartridges to the forks which are set to your weight, these are also made in the UK by a racing specialist which has been doing this for 30+ years.

Your fork can be rebuilt or done by service exchange for a reconditioned one.

PRICES : Choose an option

  1. Simple rebuild, seals, oil rinse and fill, upper bushing :  120 per leg.
  2. Full rebuild, seals, upper bushing, stanchion re-chrome, oil rinse and fill : 240 per leg.
  3. Full rebuild as above plus fitting custom tare damper cartridge add on : 220 per leg.
  4. Option gaiter to protect the stanchion : 20 per leg.
  5. Option hand removal of oxidation and basic polishing of slider : 70 per side.
  6. Option renew bug deflector : 25 per side ( OEM part )


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