Ignition advance
Is your bike hesitating and erratically surging on acceleration?

Frustrated and cant find the solution?


Reconditioning  and exchange service, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD.

What is the TPS ?

It is a vital part of your bikes electronics and controls the ignition advance on acceleration

its located on the left of the carb bank and on the right of the EFI  injector housing

Surging and erratic ?

Its highly likely that your TPS is shot and not giving the right signal to the CPU and driving it crazy.

We have the means to bring back 90% of the TPS back to life to as new spec.

Note: It is not possible to buy this part on the internet or from Honda as its discontinued years ago, we are the only service to recondition this vital extinct part.



  1. Reconditioning (depending on condition):  120

Note, for reasons of rarity, no TPS is sold outside of standard exchange.
The exchange price depends on the condition of the part received.



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